Russ Reeder is President and COO of (mt) Media Temple, a top provider of web hosting and cloud services that powers 1.5 million websites for 125,000 customers in 100 countries worldwide. He's responsible for the (mt) brand's overall vision and strategy, and for driving scalable growth for the recently acquired

We caught up with Russ at HostingCon to get the latest scoop on (mt) Media Temple's recent acquisition.

"We just announced today that we acquired Virb," said Russ. "It's a great application for people to go in, create a blog or website, and within half an hour it's up and running."

(mt) Media Temple has always focused on web developers and designers as customers. With the acquisition of Virb, (mt) Media Temple has expanded to help even the least savvy tech folks out there start a blog or website.

One of the most notable characteristics of (mt) Media Temple is their customer support and culture.

"The culture is about the employees," said Russ. "Everyone has this sense of how to take care of our customers."

In the future, (mt) Media Temple is looking to continue their focus of adding value to their small business customers and provide more security and marketing services.

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