An entrepreneur and big believer in automation, Mladen is the CEO and lead project manager of the Atomia platform. He is also the CEO of web development company Troxo and the creative mobile development company Dear Future Astronaut NY. Having been in charge of numerous projects for large web hosts, Mladen has a deep understanding and thorough knowledge of the hosting and DNS industry.

We caught up with Mladen at HostingCon to hear what Atomia is all about, what challenges they've overcome and what they are looking to do next.

"We do control panel automation, billing, domain and DNS," said Mladen. "We are like a full platform for hosting companies."

Once a host installs Atomia, they can start selling shared hosting and VPS right away. Atomia makes it easier for hosting companies to get started and serve their customers.

As for hosting trends going forward, Mladen thinks there's going to be a focus on usage-based types of hosting.

"We're thinking of supporting, as much as possible, a new type of packaging where the end user will pay as few or nothing at the beginning and just pay what they used in the end," said Mladen.

Having just launched in 2011, Atomia is focused on getting their name out there and getting more exposure. They offer something new in hosting and provide high reliability. We are excited to see a new company like this who focuses on making life better for hosting providers.

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