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Marco Houwen, LuxCloud CEO, has big visions for the cloud computing industry


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Marco, together with his partners LuxConnect and Datacenter Luxembourg, founded LuxCloud S.A. in April 2010. He has strong expertise in co-location, hosting, load-balancing, managing of e-commerce platforms and all associated managed services.

There are a lot of exciting things happening at LuxCloud and we were lucky enough to get an opportunity to hear about them from Marco himself.

LuxCloud is a market leading provider of cloud computing services, allowing companies to quickly launch and profitably deliver the cloud services demanded by small- and medium-sized businesses.

"We are positioning ourselves between the software and the channel," said Marco. "We are taking out the difficult part which is automation of the whole sales process."

LuxCloud is also ramping up to expand internationally and bring on twice as many employees as they have today.

"Right now we are setting up operations in the U.S. and Singapore, hopefully we will be going into South America by 2013," said Marco.

When asked about his time at HostingCon this year, Marco had big thoughts on what he was seeing in the cloud computing industry.

"We have to become aware that we are driving the world. The whole economy of the world with the cloud and SaaS services. That's a huge responsiblity that I see a lot of people taking on. It's thrilling."

At HostingCon 2012, CloudFlare co-founder Michelle Zatlyn sat down with 28 leading experts in the hosting industry. Their conversations were captured live and offer insight into the latest trends and news in hosting.

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