Haileo App Matches Contextual Ads to Images and Video

Make Money from Your Images and Video

At CloudFlare, we appreciate deep technology applied to solve hard problems in an easy-to-use manner. Our newest CloudFlare App, does just that: Haileo helps you make money from your images and videos.

Contextually matching advertising to your site's image and video inventory is a complicated problem to solve. Haileo applies its detection and classification algorithms to understand multimedia the way people do. Then, Haileo serves appropriate ad content.

Haileo App Matches Contextual Ads to Images and Video

Fortunately, all that technology works without any extra work by you, the website owner. Simply turn on Haileo via CloudFlare Apps, and, if approved, your site's multimedia inventory can include contextual advertising, giving you an additional revenue stream.

Early Access

We're thrilled to be Haileo's first platform partner for their proprietary technology, and the easiest way to integrate their service for website owners.

Because of this early access, there is one important requirement: your website must have 200,000 pageviews/month in the United States to be considered for approval. If you don't meet that threshold now, please be patient. We expect to broaden the range in the future.

The review process takes no more than two business days. Approved sites will have Haileo turned on automatically.

It's fun to introduce apps that make our customers money. We hope all qualified sites will apply to start making extra money from their images and video. Try Haileo on your site today.