Groovy Baby! CloudFlare's London Data Center Now Online

As our network map will soon indicate, CloudFlare's London (LHR) data center is now online. The team started routing traffic through it this beginning at 12:13 GMT. We're already doing more than 1Gbps of traffic through LHR, most of which would previously have been routed to Amsterdam.

London was one of the most requested regions for us to support from users and hosting partners alike. We're up to 13 data centers worldwide, and London is our fourth European data center — joining Amsterdam (AMS), Paris (CDG), and Frankfurt (FRA) — continuing to expand CloudFlare's global reach. One of our core benefits is that CloudFlare allows a business to host anywhere and ensure their site is fast for all their customers worldwide. In an increasingly global world, that's important for companies large and small.

Our goal is to make the Internet fast and safe for everyone, regardless of where they're located. We will continue to expand our network and plan on rolling out another new data center in about three weeks to help service one of our fastest growing regions. Let the speculation begin!