As president and CEO of Tucows Inc., Elliot leads the company's business strategy and vision. He is responsible for overseeing operations for the company's domain registration, domain portfolio, email and retail lines of business. Elliot has been a leader in the Internet industry for over a decade. He champions areas of vital interest to the service providers and Internet users including privacy, ICANN reform and registrar matters, and the implications of emerging technologies.

When we sat down with Elliot at HostingCon, we were expecting to hear the newest updates on Tucows' hosting, domain name and email services. What we didn't expect was their announcement of their mobile service, Just like Tucows changed how domain registration worked over the last 10 years, Tucows figured the mobile industry needed the same overhaul and launched Ting.

"It's a flat-out mobile service. We will be your phone carrier - the kinder, gentler phone carrier," said Elliot. "We decided to just reinvent the whole thing from the ground up and be the mobile carrier
you wish you had."

Serving just the United States for the next two to three years, Ting has been on the market for about six months and customers are already loving it.

"Customers are thrilled. They are saving a lot of money and they are loving the experience," said Elliot.

Currently Ting is only available on Android devices, but Elliot and his team are working to get the iPhone supported as well.

We are excited for Tucows' venture in the mobile market and look forward to the service taking off over the next couple of years. Tune in to the full interview to hear details about Ting.

At HostingCon 2012, CloudFlare co-founder Michelle Zatlyn sat down with 28 leading experts in the hosting industry. Their conversations were captured live and offer insight into the latest trends and news in hosting.