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Copenhagen, Denmark: CloudFlare's 65th Data Center


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Nyhavn 17
Photo by Nick Karvounis / Unsplash

To get the week started it's our distinct pleasure to introduce CloudFlare's latest PoP (point of presence) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our Copenhagen data center extends the CloudFlare network to 65 PoPs across 34 countries, with 17 in Europe alone. The CloudFlare network, including all of the Internet applications and content of our users, is now delivered with a median latency of under 40ms throughout the entire continent—by comparison, it takes 300-400ms to blink one's eyes!

Danish traffic, previously served from Stockholm and Amsterdam, shifts into Copenhagen

As can be seen above, traffic has already started to reach Copenhagen, with steady increases over the course of the day (all times in UTC). The new site is also already mitigating cyber attacks launched against our customers. The spike in traffic around 08:46 UTC is a modest portion of a globally distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack targeted at CloudFlare. By distributing the attack across an ever growing footprint of data centers, mitigation is made easy (and our site reliability engineers can sleep soundly!).

The week's not over

In December 2014 we announced our intention to launch one data center per week throughout 2015. It's an ambitious goal, but we're well on our way with over 35 new PoPs announced year-to-date. That leaves 17 to go, and we'd like to make a rather big dent this week. Interim goal: 70 PoPs by the end of the week. That means 5 new sites this week alone, more in a single week than we launched in our entire first year of operation.

What does this mean for you? It means that over the course of the week your web sites, mobile apps and APIs using CloudFlare are going to get quite a bit faster for hundreds of millions of Internet users (there is a hint there). Not yet a user? Consider signing up here.

— The CloudFlare team

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