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CloudFlare’s Newest App Partner: Prosperent’s ProsperLinks


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CloudFlare's Newest App Partner: Prosperent's

What if there was an automated system that could analyze all of your page content, determine what your users are talking about and deliver highly targeted product references directly in your content? Say hello to Prosperent's ProsperLinks.

CloudFlare is excited to announce our newest app, Prosperent's ProsperLinks. Their affiliate tool is a very simple way to earn extra revenue on your content without diminishing your readers' experience.

When enabled and configured, it instantly analyzes your page content and turning product references into affiliated links. Additionally, ProsperLinks automatically affiliates existing links in your content. You get paid when your readers make a purchase!

What is Prosperent?

Prosperent is an advertising company that specializes in retail and product advertising. With over 3,000 merchants including, 6pm,, Backcountry, REI, Nordstrom's and thousands of other retailers, Prosperent makes the best products available through their advertising products, and improves profitability for publishers.

User Experience

With ProsperLinks, you are in control of the user experience. Choose from single underline, double underline, or links with a price comparison hover box. This allows you to maximize revenue while minimizing the impact to your visitors.

CloudFlare's Newest App Partner: Prosperent's

Making Money

ProsperLinks is free to install and 70% of revenue will be paid to the website owner. CloudFlare will pay publishers directly, on a net-60 day basis. For example, revenue accrued in March will be paid by the end of May. Payments are made at the end of each month.

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