Chris Sheridan, Vice President of Business Development at eNom, has been in the domain and hosting business since 1998. Chris has spent the past five and a half years at eNom focusing on retail sales, reseller sales and business development.

We sat down with Chris last month to discuss what's new at eNom and how their business is looking to grow. We also uncovered the connection between HostingCon and the hit TV show, Jersey Shore.

"eNom is primarily known for our large reseller network, 8,000+ resellers. Primarily our business is domain name registration," said Chris. "Over the last couple years years, we have been very focused on our value added services, so we're heavy now into security services, like SSL."

Two of the biggest growth areas for eNom are international expansion and the historic announcement in June of more than a 1,000 new TLD's coming on the Internet next year.

"It sounds corny, but who knows when this will happen again," said Chris, with regards to the TLD expansion. "It'll bring in a whole new wave of resellers. Overall, it's great for everyone in this room."

Tune-in to see Chris' full interview and get the exculsive on his rumored nickname "CWOWW."

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