App: Infolinks Earns You Money With In-Text Ads

At CloudFlare, we're interested in making running a website easier. That's a broad definition, on purpose, going far beyond security and performance.

If your goal is making money from your website, we want to make that easier, too.

So we're pleased to introduce Infolinks to CloudFlare customers. Available now, the Infolinks app will automatically add in-text ads to your website.

How It Works

Infolinks turns keywords into relevant ads, which only trigger when a website visitor hovers over the link, as in the screenshot below. Infolinks operates in real time, extracting content and determining intent. The automatically-created in-text ads overcome "banner blindness" delivering a richer experience for your visitors right on your website. You earn revenue when your visitors click on the ads. Monthly payments are sent to your bank or PayPal account.

App: Infolinks Earns You Money With In-Text Ads

To enable Infolinks, you don't need to change the layout of your site.
Instead, turn on the app in your CloudFlare dashboard, and upon approval, the Infolinks code will be applied by CloudFlare to your sites, automatically turning keywords into relevant ads.

A Few Things to Note

  • Infolinks is appropriate for publishers with rich content.
  • Infolinks is not compatible with every website. Websites with adult or offensive content are not allowed. Every website goes through a manual review process by the Infolinks team.
  • Turn on the Infolinks app today and start making money from your website with in-text ads.