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CloudFlare Guest Blog Post: TweetFind


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Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ruben Orozco, and I'm the Founder of When I'm not working on, a Twitter directory to bring Consumers and Businesses together, I work as a Computer Administrator for a High School in Santa Barbara, CA.

How did you hear about CloudFlare?

I heard about CloudFlare from a September 2010 Post on TechCrunch when CloudFlare launched at TechCrunch Disrupt. The post mentioned how you can activate CloudFlare for your website in five minutes.

Why did you join CloudFlare?

From everything that I read, CloudFlare sounded really good. The articles said CloudFlare can have a big impact on improving your site
instantly including faster page loading times, while also getting some website security features to your site.

How many sites have you added to the CloudFlare network?

I have hooked up TweetFind, which is my largest website, and plan on connecting the rest of my sites in 2011.

What kind of performance improvements have you seen with CloudFlare?

I have seen tremendous improvements with TweetFind. My analytics shows that I've shaved approximately 2 seconds off of my page loading time since joining CloudFlare. A few days after I joined CloudFlare, a number of my regular visitors emailed me to let me know that the site loaded much faster. Seeing all these positive results, I opted for the Pro account for only $20 per month, which is a great bargain.

What's been the biggest surprise for you using Cloudflare?

One of my biggest surprises is how easy it is to get up and running on CloudFlare. The process to add a domain and change my name servers only took me about five minutes.

What's your favorite CloudFlare feature?

One of my favorite things about CloudFlare has been the support. Support has been very speedy from day one. The CloudFlare support team has been the best I've seen in my 20+ years in the computer industry.
Tweetfind CloudFlare
If I have to pick one feature of CloudFlare that I enjoy the most, I would say the web analytics would be my favorite because Pro accounts update every 15 minutes. The analytics are easy to understand, let me capture other information that other web analytics programs don't, and let me see how much bandwidth I'm saving by using CloudFlare.

What would you recommend that new users to CloudFlare know?

New users should try a free account first to see the benefits of being
part of the CloudFlare community. Once new customers see the analytics
and benefits after a few days, they will see how the $20.00 per month
Pro account is a bargain for more speed and protection.

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