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Democratizing email security: protecting individuals and businesses of all sizes from phishing and malware attacks


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Democratizing email security: protecting individuals and businesses of all sizes from phishing and malware attacks

Since our founding, Cloudflare has been on a mission to take expensive, complex security solutions typically only available to the largest companies and make them easy to use and accessible to everyone. In 2011 and 2015 we did this for the web application firewall and SSL/TLS markets, simplifying the process of protecting websites from application vulnerabilities and encrypting HTTP requests down to single clicks; in 2020, during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we made our Zero Trust suite available to everyone; and today—in the face of heightened phishing attacks—we’re doing the same for the email security market.

Once the acquisition of Area 1 closes, as we expect early in the second quarter of 2022, we plan to give all paid self-serve plans access to their email security technology at no additional charge. Control, customization, and visibility via analytics will vary with plan level, and the highest flexibility and support levels will be available to Enterprise customers for purchase.

All self-serve users will also get access to a more feature-packed version of the Zero Trust solution we made available to everyone in 2020. Zero Trust services are incomplete without an email security solution, and CISA’s recent report makes that clearer than ever: over 90% of successful cyber attacks start with a phishing email, so we expect that over time analysts will have no choice but to include email in their definitions of secure access and zero edges.

If you’re interested in reserving your place in line, register your interest by logging into your Cloudflare account at dash.cloudflare.com, selecting your domain, clicking Email, and then “Join Waitlist” at the top of the page; we’ll reach out after the Area 1 acquisition is completed, and the integration is ready, in the order we received your request.

One-click deployment

If you’re already managing your authoritative DNS with Cloudflare, as nearly 100% of non-Enterprise plans are, there will just be a single click to get started. Once clicked, we’ll start returning different MX records to anyone trying to send email to your domain. This change will attract all emails destined for your domain, during which they’ll be run through Area 1’s models and potentially be quarantined or flagged. Customers of Microsoft Office 365 will also be able to take advantage of APIs for an even deeper integration and capabilities like post-delivery message redaction.

In addition to routing and filtering email, we’ll also automagically take care of your DNS email security records such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc. We launched a tool to help with this last year, and soon we’ll be making it even more comprehensive and easier to use.

Integration with other Zero Trust products

As we wrote in the acquisition announcement post on this blog, we’re excited to integrate email security with other products in our Zero Trust suite. For customers of Gateway and Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), we’ll automatically route potentially suspicious domains and links through these protective layers. Our built-in data loss prevention (DLP) technology will also be wired into Area 1’s technology in deployments where visibility into outbound email is available.

Improving threat intelligence with new data sources

In addition to integrating directly with Zero Trust products, we’re excited about connecting threat data sources from Area 1 into existing Cloudflare products and vice versa. For example, phishing infrastructure identified during Area 1’s Internet-wide scans will be displayed within the recently launched Cloudflare Security Center, and’s trillions of queries per month will help Area 1 identify new domains that may be threats. Domains that are newly registered, or registered with slight variations of legitimate domains, are often warning signs of an upcoming phishing attack.

Getting started

Cloudflare has been a happy customer of Area 1’s technology for years, and we’re excited to open it up to all of our customers as soon as possible. If you’re excited as we are about being able to use this in your Pro or Business plan, reserve your place in line today within the Email tab for your domain. Or if you’re an Enterprise customer and want to get started immediately, fill out this form or contact your Customer Success Manager.

Nous protégeons des réseaux d'entreprise entiers, aidons nos clients à développer efficacement des applications à l'échelle d'Internet, accélérons tous les sites web ou applications Internet, repoussons les attaques DDoS, tenons les pirates informatiques à distance et pouvons vous accompagner dans votre parcours d'adoption de l'architecture Zero Trust.

Accédez à depuis n'importe quel appareil pour commencer à utiliser notre application gratuite, qui rend votre navigation Internet plus rapide et plus sûre.

Pour en apprendre davantage sur notre mission, à savoir contribuer à bâtir un Internet meilleur, cliquez ici. Si vous cherchez de nouvelles perspectives professionnelles, consultez nos postes vacants.
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