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The Trouble with Tor

March 30, 2016 11:51 AM


The Tor Project makes a browser that allows anyone to surf the Internet anonymously. Tor stands for "the onion router" and that describes how the service works. Traffic is routed through a number of relays where each relay only knows the next hop, not the ultimate destination....

Updating Our Privacy Policy

August 20, 2013 5:00 PM


Hi I’m Ken Carter, CloudFlare’s newly minted in-house counsel. Now that I have introduced myself, feel free to introduce yourself. Or, don’t. You may want to remain anonymous because you value your privacy. We do, too. ...


April 23, 2013 3:24 PM

What CloudFlare Logs

We've had a number of requests for information about what data CloudFlare logs when someone visits a site on our network. While we have provided a Privacy Policy that outlines how we keep information private, I wanted to take the time to clarify our customer log retention policie...