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Toronto, Canada: CloudFlare's 18th Data Center


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Toronto, Canada: CloudFlare's 18th Data

Last week we turned up three new data centers in Sydney, Atlanta, and Seattle. This week we are launching the next location to continue to expand CloudFlare's global network. Our ops team just put the final touches on our latest North American facility in Toronto, Canada. Traffic has begun flowing through the facility which will build up its cache over the next 24 hours. Going forward, it will take load away from Chicago and Newark and improve CloudFlare's performance in much of Canada.

It's Aboot Time!

CloudFlare has deep Canadian DNA. Michelle, who co-founded CloudFlare with Lee and me, grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. She attended college at McGill University in Montreal then began her career in Toronto. If you appreciate CloudFlare's easy-to-use, no-nonsense interface, and our relentless focus on building a product that is great for our users, you have Michelle to thank.

Toronto, Canada: CloudFlare's 18th Data Center

Beyond her work at CloudFlare, Michelle works to ensure that the Internet
ecosystem is as healthy as possible. She was invited to represent Internet technology startups on the United States Federal Communication Commission's Open Internet Advisory Committee. At CloudFlare we're working to build a better Internet. That extends beyond the technology we deploy in data centers around the world, but also to work Michelle and other members of our team do to create the policies that will ensure a healthy and vibrant web worldwide.

Given CloudFlare's deep connections to Canada it was high time we opened a facility there. What's next? Assuming some cooperation from customs in a few countries in Europe and Asia, we'll be bringing five more facilities online over the coming several days. Stay tuned!

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