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Betting on Blockchain

Published on by Internet Summit Team.

Juan Benet, Founder, Protocol Labs, and Jill Carlson, GM, Tezos Foundation Moderator: Jen Taylor, Head of Product, Cloudflare JT: Tell us about what BlockChain is JC: Going back to 2008, advent of blockchain came with bitcoin white paper. The word Blockchain wasn’t mentioned at that point, but that was

The New Breed of Patent Trolls

Published on by Internet Summit Team.

Lee Cheng, President & Co-CLO, Symmetry IP LLC, and Vera Ranieri, Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation Moderator: Doug Kramer, General Counsel, Cloudflare DK: Patent--IP issues and challenges are accelerating important supreme court cases. there’s also a flurry of legislative activity about patents. Good idea to talk about this topic:

Making the World Better by Breaking Things

Published on by Internet Summit Team.

Ben Sadeghipour, Technical Account Manager, HackerOne, and Katie Moussouris, Founder & CEO, Luta Security Moderator: John Graham-Cumming, CTO, Cloudflare JGC: We’re going to talk about hacking Katie Moussouris helps people how to work around security vulnerabilities. Ben Sadeghipour is a technical account manager at HackerOne, and a hacker at