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Green Hosting with Cloudflare Pages


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At Cloudflare, we are continuing to expand our sustainability initiatives to build a greener Internet in more than one way. We are seeing a shift in attitudes towards eco-consciousness and have noticed that with all things considered equal, if an option to reduce environmental impact is available, that’s the one widely preferred by our customers. With Pages now Generally Available, we believe we have the power to help our customers reach their sustainability goals. That is why we are excited to partner with the Green Web Foundation as we commit to making sure our Pages infrastructure is powered by 100% renewable energy.

The Green Web Foundation

As part of Cloudflare’s Impact Week, Cloudflare is proud to announce its collaboration with the Green Web Foundation (GWF), a not-for-profit organization with the mission of creating an Internet that one day will run on entirely renewable energy. GWF maintains an extensive and globally categorized Green Hosting Directory with over 320 certified hosts in 26 countries! In addition to this directory, the GWF also develops free online tools, APIs and open datasets readily available for companies looking to contribute to its mission.

What does it mean to be a Green Web Foundation partner?

All websites certified as operating on 100 percent renewable energy by GWF must provide evidence of their energy usage and renewable energy purchases. Cloudflare Pages have already taken care of that step for you, including by sharing our public Carbon Emissions Inventory report. As a result, all Cloudflare Pages are automatically listed on GWF's  public global directory as official green hosts.

After these claims were approved by the team at GWF, what do I have to do to get certified?

If you’re hosting your site on Cloudflare Pages, absolutely nothing.

All existing and new sites created on Pages are automatically certified as “green” too! But don’t just take our word for it. With our partnership with GWF and as a Pages user, you can enter your own or custom domain into the Green Web Check to verify your site’s green hosting status. Once the domain is shown as verified, you can display the Green Web Foundation badge on your webpage to showcase your contributions to a more sustainable Internet as a green-hosted site. You can obtain this badge by one of two ways:

  1. Saving the badge image directly.
  2. Adding the provided snippet of HTML to your existing code.
GIF demonstrating process

Helping to Build a Greener Internet

Cloudflare is committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals through the use of our products. In addition to our initiative with the Green Web Foundation for this year’s Impact Week, we are thrilled to announce the other ways we are building a greener Internet, such as our Carbon Impact Report and Green Compute on Cloudflare Workers.

We can all play a small part in reducing our carbon footprint. Start today by setting up your site with Cloudflare Pages!

"Cloudflare's recent climate disclosures and commitments are encouraging, especially given how much traffic flows through their network. Every provider should be at least this transparent when it comes to accounting for the environmental impact of their services. We see a growing number of users relying on CDNs to host their sites, and they are often confused when their sites no longer show as green, because they’re not using a green CDN. It’s good to see another more sustainable option available to users, and one that is independently verified.” - Chris Adams, Co-director of The Green Web Foundation
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