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Expanding Cloudflare to 25+ Cities in Brazil


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A circular illustration of the Earth, centered on Brazil.

Today, we are excited to announce an expansion we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last two years: a 25+ city partnership with one of the largest ISPs in Brazil. This is one of the largest simultaneous single-country expansions we’ve done so far.

With this partnership, Brazilians throughout the country will see significant improvement to their Internet experience. Already, the 25th-percentile latency of non-bot traffic (we use that measure as an approximation of physical distance from our servers to end users) has dropped from the mid-20 millisecond range to sub-10 milliseconds. This benefit extends not only to the 25 million Internet properties on our network, but to the entire Internet with Cloudflare services like and WARP. We expect that as we approach 25 cities in Brazil, latency will continue to drop while throughput increases.

A graph showing a decline in RTT from the 23-millisecond range to the 5-millsecond range.
25th percentile latency of non-bot traffic in Brazil has more than halved as new cities have gone live.
A map of Cloudflare's Brazil presences, present and future.

This partnership is part of our mission to help create a better Internet and the best development experience for all — not just those in major population centers or in Western markets — and we are excited to take this step on our journey to help build a better Internet. Whether you live in the heart of São Paulo or the outskirts of the Amazon rainforest in Manaus, expect an upgrade to your Internet experience soon.

We have already launched in Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Campinas, Curitiba, and Fortaleza, with additional presences coming soon to Manaus, São Paulo, Blumenau, Joinville, Florianópolis, Itajai, Belém, Goiânia, Salvador, São José do Rio Preto, Americana, and Sorocaba.

From there, we’re planning on adding presences in the following cities: Guarulhos, Mogi das Cruzes, São José dos Campos, Vitória, Londrina, Maringá, Campina Grande, Caxias do Sul, Cuiabá, Lajeado, Natal, Recife, Osasco, Santo André, and Rio. The result will be a net expansion of Cloudflare in Brazil by 12 to 16 times.

We celebrate the benefits that this partnership will bring to Latin America. Our President and Chief Operating Officer Michelle Zatlyn likes to say that “we’re just getting started”. In that spirit, expect more exciting news about the Cloudflare network not only in Latin America, but worldwide!

Do you work at an ISP who is interested in bringing a better Internet experience to your users and better control over your network? Please reach out to our Edge Partnerships team at [email protected].

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