Are you familiar with the Go programming language and looking for a job in San Francisco or London? Then think about applying to CloudFlare. We're looking for people with experience writing Go in both locations.

CC BY-SA 2.0 by Yuko Honda (cropped, resized)

CloudFlare uses Go extensively to build our service and we need to people to build and maintain those systems. We've written a complete DNS server in Go, our Railgun service is all Go and we're moving more and more systems to Go programs.

We've recently written about our open source Red October Go project for securing secrets, and open-sourced our CFSSL Go-based PKI package. Go is now making its way into our data pipeline and be used for processing huge amounts of data.

We even have a Go-specific section on our GitHub.

If you're interested in working in Go on a high-performance global network like CloudFlare, send us an email.

Not into Go? We're hiring for all sorts of other positions and technologies.