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Cloudflare One DLP integrates with Microsoft Information Protection labels


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Cloudflare One DLP integrates with Microsoft Information Protection labels

The crown jewels for an organization are often data, and the first step in protection should be locating where the most critical information lives. Yet, maintaining a thorough inventory of sensitive data is harder than it seems and generally a massive lift for security teams. To help overcome data security troubles, Microsoft offers their customers data classification and protection tools. One popular option are the sensitivity labels available with Microsoft Purview Information Protection. However, customers need the ability to track sensitive data movement even as it migrates beyond the visibility of Microsoft.

Today, we are excited to announce that Cloudflare One now offers Data Loss Prevention (DLP) detections for Microsoft Purview Information Protection labels. Simply integrate with your Microsoft account, retrieve your labels, and build rules to guide the movement of your labeled data. This extends the power of Microsoft’s labels to any of your corporate traffic in just a few clicks.

Data Classification with Microsoft Labels

Every organization has a wealth of data to manage, from publicly accessible data, like documentation, to internal data, like the launch date of a new product. Then, of course, there is the data requiring the highest levels of protection, such as customer PII. Organizations are responsible for confining data to the proper destinations while still supporting accessibility and productivity, which is no small feat.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection offers sensitivity labels to let you classify your organization's data. With these labels, Microsoft provides the ability to protect sensitive data, while still enabling productivity and collaboration. Sensitivity labels can be used in a number of Microsoft applications, which includes the ability to apply the labels to Microsoft Office documents. The labels correspond to the sensitivity of the data within the file, such as Public, Confidential, or Highly Confidential.

The labels are embedded in a document’s metadata and are preserved even when it leaves the Microsoft environment, such as a download from OneDrive.

Sync Cloudflare One and Microsoft Information Protection

Cloudflare One, our SASE platform that delivers network-as-a-service (NaaS) with Zero Trust security natively built-in, connects users to enterprise resources, and offers a wide variety of opportunities to secure corporate traffic, including the inspection of data moving across the Microsoft productivity suite. We’ve designed Cloudflare One to act as a single pane of glass for your organization. This means that after you’ve deployed any of our Zero Trust services, whether that be Zero Trust Network Access or Secure Web Gateway, you are clicks, not months, away from deploying Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Access Security Broker, Email Security, and Browser Isolation to enhance your Microsoft security and overall data protection.

Specifically, Cloudflare’s API-driven Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can scan SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 for misconfigurations, unauthorized user activity, shadow IT, and other data security issues that can occur after a user has successfully logged in.

With this new integration, CASB can now also retrieve Information Protection labels from your Microsoft account. If you have labels configured, upon integration, CASB will automatically populate the labels into a Data Loss Prevention profile.

DLP profiles are the building blocks for applying DLP scanning. They are where you identify the sensitive data you want to protect, such as Microsoft labeled data, credit card numbers, or custom keywords. Your labels are stored as entries within the Microsoft Purview Information Protection Sensitivity Labels profile using the name of your CASB integration. You can also add the labels to custom DLP profiles, of  fering more detection flexibility.

Build DLP Rules

You can now extend the power of Microsoft’s labels to protect your data as it moves to other platforms. By building DLP rules, you determine how labeled data can move around and out of your corporate network. Perhaps you don’t want to allow Highly Confidential labels to be downloaded from your OneDrive account, or you don’t want any data more sensitive than Confidential to be uploaded to file sharing sites that you don’t use. All of this can be implemented using DLP and Cloudflare Gateway.

Simply navigate to your Gateway Firewall Policies and start implementing building rules using your DLP profiles:

How to Get Started

To get access to DLP, reach out for a consultation, or contact your account manager.

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