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7 Cloudflare Apps Which Increase User Engagement on Your Site


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Cloudflare Apps

Cloudflare Apps now lists 95 apps from apps which grow email lists to apps which acquire new customers to apps which help site owners make more money. The great thing about these apps is that users don't have to have any coding or development skills. They can just sign up for the app and start using it on their sites.

Let’s take a moment to highlight some apps which increase a site’s user engagement. Check out more Cloudflare Apps which grow your email list, make money on your site, and get more customers.

I hope you enjoy them and I hope you build (or use) great apps like these too.

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1. Privy


Over 100,000 businesses use Privy to capture and convert website visitors. Privy offers a free suite of email capture tools, including exit-intent driven website popups & banners, email list sign-up, an online store, social media channels, mobile capability, and in-store traffic.

Cloudflare App creator preview

In the left preview pane, you can view the different packages and their features users may sign up for from free to "growth" ($199/month) options.

In the right pane, you can preview your choices, seeing how Privy's functionality interacts with the site and users and even play around with the popups yourself. I personally love the confetti.

2. AddThis Share Buttons

Share Buttons

The Share Buttons app from AddThis is a super easy way to add sidebar share buttons to a website and get the site's content distributed to over 200 social media channels, auto-personalized for users. Site owners can display between 1-10 share services, customized for their users. Site owners are able to control the size and style of buttons as well.

Cloudflare App creator preview

In the left pane, you can see the install options where you can customize the size, theme and position of the banner. You can adjust the number of social platforms listed and choose to list the number of content shares per platform or total.

In the right pane, you can preview choices, seeing what they’d look like on any website and experiment with placement and how it flows with the site. This is very similar to the tool that the app developer uses to test the app for how it behaves on a wide range of web properties.

3. Vimeo


This app embeds Vimeo videos directly onto sites, so people can easily find a view videos the site owners made, or maybe just a few of their favorites. The Vimeo app supports autoplay and multiple videos on one page, in multiple locations on the page. A site owner can put videos almost all over their site, if they wish.

Cloudflare App creator preview

In the left pane, you can change the location of the video on the page, change its orientation in each location, switch Vimeo video links, and add multiple videos to the page.

In the right pane, you can preview your choices, seeing where each video will be displayed.

4. SoundCloud


You can't grow as a musician or podcaster or influencer if your favorite tracks are not heard. The SoundCloud app embeds SoundCloud tracks or playlists directly on sites to grow a site owner's audience, help them find fans, or gives the reader a taste of the music being reviewed in a blog post, all of which work towards engaging users on their sites longer.

Cloudflare App creator preview

This preview works very similarly to the Vimeo preview. You can change the location of the track/playlist on the page, its orientation in each location, switch audio tracks/playlists, and add multiple tracks/playlists to the page.

5. Drift


Drift uses messaging and artificial intelligence to catch leads that are falling through the cracks in sales funnels. Billions of people around the world are using messaging apps like Slack and HipChat to communicate in real-time these days and customers often don't want to wait for follow-up emails or calls.

After installing Drift, site owners are able to engage with leads when they’re at their most interested - while they’re actually live on their sites. Using intelligent bots, qualified leads can be captured 24/7, even when no human is available to chat.

Cloudflare App creator preview

In Drift's preview, you can view how the styling and messaging of the chat box may be adjusted. You can change the organization name, welcome message, and away message. You can also select the "automatically open chat" to give users a more visible chat invitation.

6. Skype Live Chat

Skype Live Chat

Skype Live Chat installs on websites easily. Site owners just add their Skype usernames or bot IDs to start chatting with their customers. Considering there are over 74 million Skype users, this app allows users to chat in a way that they're comfortable and familiar with.

Cloudflare App creator preview

In the left pane, you can see options to change the color of the chat button and message bubble. In the right pane, you can see the results and how users will be prompted to log into their Skype accounts, if they aren't already.

7. Weather Widget

Weather Widget provides an easy, interactive interface which site owners can create and customize a weather widget for any website. is highly customizable. The labels, font, theme, number of forecast days, and icon sets, may all be edited to maximize user engagement. The app is responsive to the size of its container and available in 20 languages with more languages on their way.

Cloudflare App creator preview

There are a lot of options to play with here. In the left pane, you can see the location of the banner can be changed. The weather location can be adjusted and custom labels assigned to it. I chose "SF, CA" in the preview. The language and units (celsius vs fahrenheit) can be switched. Next, the font, icon type (I chose animated climacons) and option to choose forecast vs. current weather can be changed. Finally you can play with theme with options from "orange" to "blue mountains" and adjust the widget's margins.

In the right pane, you can see your options come to life.

I hope you enjoy playing with and using these apps. Cloudflare is encouraging app authors to write their apps on the app platform. I hope you'll consider developing one of your own.

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