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100 Billion Page Views


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100 Billion Page Views

In the next few hours, CloudFlare will cross having served more than 100 billion page views over the last year. We've been growing very quickly. To give you a sense, a quarter of the total page views for the year (about 25 billion) has come in just the last 30 days.

We are now averaging more than 60,000 request per second. Peak load is even higher. According to Google's traffic stats, there are only 9 websites on the Internet that power more page views than CloudFlare (,,,,,,, and, and only 7 that see more unique visitors (,,,,,, and

Today we have more than 150 gigabits per second of capacity across the CloudFlare network. Before the end of the year we plan to bring online our 14th data center, and we just placed the order this morning to increase server capacity in 9 of our existing data centers by 40% before year's end. And just wait to see what we have in store for 2012.

Stay tuned...

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