Go coverage with external tests

Published on by Filippo Valsorda.

The Go test coverage implementation is quite ingenious: when asked to, the Go compiler will preprocess the source so that when each code portion is executed a bit is set in a coverage bitmap. This is integrated in the go test tool: go test -cover enables it and -coverprofile= allows

CloudFlare Tips: Recommended steps after activating through a partner

Published on by Damon Billian.

CloudFlare has partnered with a number of CloudFlare Certified Partners to make it simple for website owners that want a faster and safer website. Since signing up for CloudFlare through a hosting partner is different than signing up for CloudFlare directly, we wanted to provide some quick tips to help

CloudFlare Tips: Top Tips when activating through a CloudFlare Hosting Partner

Published on by Damon Billian.

CloudFlare is a service that utilizes proprietary technology to make websites run safer and faster around the world. We currently run 12 data centers (with more on the way) on three continents to provide static content caching, bot filtering and more for all of our users. CloudFlare has created a