App: Goodbye Apture, Hello Highlight

Published on by John Roberts.

The Problem: Apture Disappearing Since its June introduction as a CloudFlare App, Apture's contextual search service has been popular. Thousands of CloudFlare customers installed the app. In November, we heard that Apture was shutting down their service, as part of their acquisition by Google. Good for them, but

CloudFlare and SEO

Published on by Matthew Prince.

In April 2010, around the time we launched the CloudFlare private beta to a limited set of test users, Google announced that they were going to start taking site speed into account in their rankings. Awesome, we thought, not only was CloudFlare a performance and security service, but now we

What's On CloudFlare's Mind

Published on by Matthew Prince.

CloudFlare sits in front of tens of thousands of websites. In the last month, nearly 5% of the Internet's visitors passed through our network at least once. As a result, we get some sense of what's on these visitors' minds as they search for sites.