A Very WebP New Year from Cloudflare

Published on by David Wragg.

Cloudflare has an automatic image optimization feature called Polish, available to customers on paid plans. It recompresses images and removes unnecessary data so that they are delivered to browsers more quickly. Up until now, Polish has not changed image types when optimizing (even if, for example, a PNG might sometimes

Experimenting with mozjpeg 2.0

Published on by John Graham-Cumming.

One of the services that CloudFlare provides to paying customers is called Polish. Polish automatically recompresses images cached by CloudFlare to ensure that they are as small as possible and can be delivered to web browsers as quickly as possible. We've recently rolled out a new version of

Introducing Mirage: Automatic Responsive Web Design via Intelligent Image Loading

Published on by Matthew Prince.

Yesterday, we announced Polish, which helps to automatically optimize the images on your site to decrease their size and thereby increase performance. Today we're releasing something more ambitious: a system to automatically manage the loading of images in order to maximize your site's performance which we