Railgun v5 has landed: better, faster, lighter

Published on by John Graham-Cumming.

Three years ago we launched Railgun, CloudFlare's origin network optimizer. Railgun allows us to cache the uncacheable to accelerate the connection between CloudFlare and our customers' origin servers. That brings the benefit of a CDN to even dynamic content with no need for 'fast purging' or other tricks. With Railgun

Introducing a Powerful Way to Purge Cache on CloudFlare: Purge by Cache-Tag

Published on by Dani Grant.

Today CloudFlare is introducing a new way to purge the cache using Cache-Tags. Cache-Tags are assigned to cached content via a Cache-Tag response header, and are stored as metadata with cached objects so that global purges take only seconds, targeting a granular, finite set of cached objects. For example, an

CloudFlare is now a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner

Published on by Maria Karaivanova.

We’re excited to announce that CloudFlare has just been named a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner. So what does this mean? Now, Google Cloud Platform customers can experience the best of both worlds—the power and protection of the CloudFlare community along with the flexibility and scalability of Google’