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Everybody gets WebSockets

Published on by John Roberts.

Two summers ago, with a seemed-big-at-the-time network of 28 datacenters, not long after introducing Medellin, CloudFlare introduced support for WebSockets, initially for our Enterprise customers. CC BY 2.0 image by Marcin Wichary Today, with our network nearing 80 global locations, we're pleased to announce support for WebSockets for all

HTTP/2 Demo: Under the Hood

Published on by Marc Bodmer.

At first glance, the potential performance improvements of HTTP/1.1 versus HTTP/2 on our demo page may seem a bit hard to believe. So, we put together a technical explanation of how this demo actually works. We’d also like to credit the Gophertiles demo, which served as

HTTP/2 For Web Developers

Published on by Ryan Hodson.

HTTP/2 changes the way web developers optimize their websites. In HTTP/1.1, it’s become common practice to eek out an extra 5% of page load speed by hacking away at your TCP connections and HTTP requests with techniques like spriting, inlining, domain sharding, and concatenation. Life’s