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Portland (Oregon): Cloudflare's 117th Data Center!

Published on by Nitin Rao.

Even as the luckiest amongst us across the US West Coast dashed off to Oregon to be closer to the solar eclipse path of totality, Cloudflare engineers were busy turning up our newest data center in Portland. This deployment serves as our 27th data center in North America alone, and

Aquele Abra├žo Rio de Janeiro: Cloudflare's 116th Data Center!

Published on by Nitin Rao.

Cloudflare is excited to announce our newest data center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is our eighth data center in South America, and expands the Cloudflare network to 116 cities across 57 countries. Our newest deployment will improve the performance and security of over six million Internet applications across

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Six million Internet properties now faster for six million Internet users

Published on by Nitin Rao.

We are excited to add four new data centers this week to Cloudflare's growing network, beginning with Colombo, Sri Lanka. This deployment is our 112th data center globally, and our 38th in Asia. Faster Performance CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 image by Pavel Dobrovsky Six million Internet properties using Cloudflare are