CloudFlare is Now Part of the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX)

Published on by Tom Paseka.

CloudFlare is now connected to HKIX (Hong Kong Internet Exchange). HKIX is the largest Internet Exchange in Asia transferring around 200Gbit to its 160 ISP, Carrier and Content networks. HKIX is fundamental to the local Hong Kong ISP Market, with every provider in Hong Kong connected, as well as excellent

CloudFlare's Free CDN and You

Published on by Damon Billian.

CloudFlare gets a lot of questions about caching and our free CDN (content delivery network), so I thought I would put together a really quick guide about what CloudFlare caches and more. Why should I cache my static content at all? Distributing your static content with CloudFlare's CDN

CloudFlare Guest Blog Post: Gabe Arnold of ZigZap

Published on by Damon Billian.

Tell me about yourself I run a small technology firm and write on my blog I focus on techniques and technology that help small business owners grow and succeed in a rapid and measurable manner. CloudFlare meets my criteria as a reliable tool for small business owners and