Russ Reeder from (mt) Media Temple on acquiring Virb and keeping customers happy

Published on by Kristin Tarr.

Russ Reeder is President and COO of (mt) Media Temple, a top provider of web hosting and cloud services that powers 1.5 million websites for 125,000 customers in 100 countries worldwide. He's responsible for the (mt) brand's overall vision and strategy, and for driving

CloudFlare Tips: Recommended steps after activating through a partner

Published on by Damon Billian.

CloudFlare has partnered with a number of CloudFlare Certified Partners to make it simple for website owners that want a faster and safer website. Since signing up for CloudFlare through a hosting partner is different than signing up for CloudFlare directly, we wanted to provide some quick tips to help

What Is CloudFlare?

Published on by Matthew Prince.

I just got off the phone with a reporter. Like many reporters or analysts we talk to, she wanted to put CloudFlare into a defined category. Specifically, she wanted to call us a content delivery network (CDN) and compare us with companies like Akamai (at the high end) or Amazon&