CloudFlare’s Newest App Partner: Verelo

Published on by Kristin Tarr.

Verelo is a website monitoring service that provides sub-minute checks, downtime alerts by SMS, phone or email, and malware detection. A group of CloudFlare customers have recently been testing Velero during a silent launch, testing our latest app integration. Deployment has been very successful and with over 100 CloudFlare customers

DNSChanger Update: Nearly 4% of Infections Already Detected

Published on by Matthew Prince.

Just a quick update on the initiative between CloudFlare, OpenDNS, and the DCWG to clean up the DNSChanger malware. In the last week, just over 11,000 websites enabled the Visitor DNSChanger Detector App through CloudFlare. Since then, those sites have collectively served more than 56 million page views. Just