OpenSSL Security Advisory of 19 March 2015

Published on by Ryan Lackey.

Today there were multiple vulnerabilities released in OpenSSL, a cryptographic library used by CloudFlare (and most sites on the Internet). There has been advance notice that an announcement would be forthcoming, although the contents of the vulnerabilities were kept closely controlled and shared only with major operating system vendors until

Inside Shellshock: How hackers are using it to exploit systems

Published on by John Graham-Cumming.

On Wednesday of last week, details of the Shellshock bash bug emerged. This bug started a scramble to patch computers, servers, routers, firewalls, and other computing appliances using vulnerable versions of bash. CloudFlare immediately rolled out protection for Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers through our Web Application Firewall. On Sunday,

CloudFlare Tips: Troubleshooting Common Problems

Published on by Damon Billian.

Debugging technical issues online can be tricky. There are many moving pieces; it can be an isolated network connection with the ISP, an issue with your server or one of CloudFlare's data centers could be temporarily having a problem. We wanted to share some tips on how to