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What Happens When a Hurricane Hits the Web

Published on by Matthew Prince.

(Photo credit: Hy Chalmé/Instagram) Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed and the flood waters have begun to recede, we wanted to recap what we saw over the last 24 hours across the CloudFlare network. CloudFlare's Infrastructure Our network is designed to survive hurricanes and other natural

Sandy, Meet CloudFlare

Published on by Matthew Prince.

There is a large hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean which is likely to come on-shore in the Eastern United States late tomorrow. Dubbed Sandy, the current track of the hurricane has it making landfall around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. High winds and rain from the hurricane will likely impact two of CloudFlare&

Always Online v.2

Published on by Matthew Prince.

The video on CloudFlare's home page promises that we will keep your web page online "even if your server goes down." It's a feature we dubbed "Always Online" and, when it works, it's magical. The problem is, Always Online doesn&