New Feature: Customize Your CloudFlare Challenge Page

CloudFlare protects your website from malicious attacks by stopping the request before it reaches your server. Often these requests are from automated bots crawling your website looking for a vulnerability. Sometimes, the threat is a web surfer whose computer has been compromised with a virus or malware and the web surfer is unknowingly spreading viruses online. In these situations, the web surfer visiting a CloudFlare protected website is presented with a challenge page asking them to enter a CAPTCHA to prove they are human.

The challenge page also educates the visitor that their computer may be

infected. This helps to clean up the number of infected computers

online, ultimately making the web a better place.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have added customization to

the challenge page for each domain you have on CloudFlare. Website

owners can now customize:

• The colors on the page to match their website

• The text that is displayed on the page

How to get to the option to customize your challenge page:

Settings->CloudFlare Settings-> Customize

Making changes to color:

There are 5 color boxes. To edit each color box, click on the box to

open a palette box and select the background color you would like. Click

on the background to make the color change appear as a preview. After

saving all of your changes for each color box, click on "next" to modify


What each color box represents:

• Color Box 1=Background Color

• Color Box 2=Title Text

• Color Box 3=Borders

• Color Box 4=Captcha Text Colors

• Color Box 5=Advanced Details

Making changes to text:

To modify the text on the page, choose "Click to edit".


• You can add up to 500 characters in each box.

• We recommend encoding with UTF-8.

Review all of your changes then choose 'Save Changes and Exit'. If you need to make changes to the challenge page in the future, simply go back to the 'Customize' option in CloudFlare settings. You can always revert back to the default text and colors.

Related: You can set the CloudFlare security settings for each domain to High, Medium or Low.

Sneak Preview:

To follow later this month, we will be internationalizing the challenge page so the text appears in the language of the visitor coming to your website.

Have suggestions or comments? We love hearing from our users so contact us.