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Posts by Vlad Krasnov

AES-CBC is going the way of the dodo

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

A little over a year ago, Nick Sullivan talked about the beginning of the end for AES-CBC cipher suites, following a plethora of attacks on this cipher mode. Today we can safely confirm that this prediction is coming true, as for the first time ever the share of AES-CBC cipher

Announcing Support for HTTP/2 Server Push

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

Last November, we rolled out HTTP/2 support for all our customers. At the time, HTTP/2 was not in wide use, but more than 88k of the Alexa 2 million websites are now HTTP/2-enabled. Today, more than 70% of sites that use HTTP/2 are served via CloudFlare.

It takes two to ChaCha (Poly)

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

Not long ago we introduced support for TLS cipher suites based on the ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD, for all our customers. Back then those cipher suites were only supported by the Chrome browser and Google's websites, but were in the process of standardization. We introduced these cipher suites to give end users

Results of experimenting with Brotli for dynamic web content

Published on by Vlad Krasnov.

Compression is one of the most important tools CloudFlare has to accelerate website performance. Compressed content takes less time to transfer, and consequently reduces load times. On expensive mobile data plans, compression even saves money for consumers. However, compression is not freeā€”it comes at a price. It is one