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CloudFlare Is a Community

Published on by Matthew Prince.

Today, CloudFlare adds more than 250 new customers every six hours or so, but getting our first 250 took several months and a lot of faith from our earliest adopters. When we started working on CloudFlare, an employee at a major CDN company warned us that we had no idea

CloudFlare Expanding the IPv6 Web

Published on by Matthew Prince.

We regularly monitor the Alexa top 1 million websites for trends. Specifically, we've been tracking how many of them support IPv6 connections. The numbers are still low but have been improving. About 1% of the 1 million largest websites on the Internet now accept and properly support IPv6

What Is CloudFlare?

Published on by Matthew Prince.

I just got off the phone with a reporter. Like many reporters or analysts we talk to, she wanted to put CloudFlare into a defined category. Specifically, she wanted to call us a content delivery network (CDN) and compare us with companies like Akamai (at the high end) or Amazon&