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Posts by Matthew Prince

Ceasefires Don't End Cyberwars

Published on by Matthew Prince.

There is a significant conflict in the Middle East. As has been widely reported, along with the physical confrontation between the Israelis and Palestinians, there have been widespread cyber attacks. These cyber attacks have been launched against both sides in this conflict. At CloudFlare we have found ourselves in the

CloudFlare's Global Reach

Published on by Matthew Prince.

CloudFlare is based in San Francisco, California, USA but we serve a global audience. Every minute of every day we send and receive traffic from nearly all of the world's networks. Beyond traffic to our service, our customers also come from around the world. To better understand where

What Happens When a Hurricane Hits the Web

Published on by Matthew Prince.

(Photo credit: Hy Chalmé/Instagram) Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed and the flood waters have begun to recede, we wanted to recap what we saw over the last 24 hours across the CloudFlare network. CloudFlare's Infrastructure Our network is designed to survive hurricanes and other natural