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Posts by Martin J Levy

98.01% of sites on Cloudflare now use IPv6

Published on by Martin J Levy.

It's 2016 and almost every site using Cloudflare (more than 4 million of them) is using IPv6. Because of this, Cloudflare sees significant IPv6 traffic globally where networks have enabled IPv6 to the consumer. The top IPv6 networks are shown here. The chart shows the percentage of IPv6 within a


Published on by Martin J Levy.

Using the CloudFlare API via Python Very early on in the company’s history we decided that everything that CloudFlare does on behalf of its customer-base should be controllable via an API. In fact, when you login to the CloudFlare control panel, you’re really just making API calls to

CloudFlare launches new data centers in Oslo and Minneapolis

Published on by Martin J Levy.

Four thousand miles (6,400 kilometers) separate CloudFlare’s latest two data centers: Oslo (#75) and Minneapolis (#76). Oslo In Oslo, we have now built our third data center in Scandinavia. This joins our existing facilities in Stockholm and Copenhagen. With a data center in Norway, we recognize an important

Four years later and CloudFlare is still doing IPv6 automatically

Published on by Martin J Levy.

Over the past four years CloudFlare has helped well over two million websites join the modern web, making us one of the fastest growing providers of IPv6 web connectivity on the Internet. CloudFlare's Automatic IPv6 Gateway allows IPv4-only websites to support IPv6-only clients with zero clicks. No hardware. No software.