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Posts by Marek Majkowski

The revenge of the listening sockets

Published on by Marek Majkowski.

Back in November we wrote a blog post about one latency spike. Today I'd like to share a continuation of that story. As it turns out, the misconfigured rmem setting wasn't the only source of added latency. It looked like Mr Wolf hadn't finished his job. After adjusting the previously

400Gbps: Winter of Whopping Weekend DDoS Attacks

Published on by Marek Majkowski.

Over the last month, we’ve been watching some of the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks ever seen unfold. As CloudFlare has grown we've brought on line systems capable of absorbing and accurately measuring attacks. Since we don't need to resort to crude techniques to block traffic we

We're hosting a Null Singapore meetup!

Published on by Marek Majkowski.

We're happy to announce that next week CloudFlare is hosting the Null Security meetup in Singapore. You are invited! Null is a community for hackers and security enthusiasts. Monthly meetups are organized in a number of Asian cities. Read more at The lineup for the February

The story of one latency spike

Published on by Marek Majkowski.

A customer reported an unusual problem with our CloudFlare CDN: our servers were responding to some HTTP requests slowly. Extremely slowly. 30 seconds slowly. This happened very rarely and wasn't easily reproducible. To make things worse all our usual monitoring hadn't caught the problem. At the application layer everything was

Mobile Ad Networks as DDoS Vectors: A Case Study

Published on by Marek Majkowski.

CloudFlare servers are constantly being targeted by DDoS'es. We see everything from attempted DNS reflection attacks to L7 HTTP floods involving large botnets. Recently an unusual flood caught our attention. A site reliability engineer on call noticed a large number of HTTP requests being issued against one of our customers.