App: Panopta Provides Advanced Server Monitoring and Outage Management Services

CloudFlare customers have websites of all sizes, so we're pleased to introduced a new advanced server monitoring and outage management service from Panopta as a CloudFlare App. Appealing to both enterprises and SMBs, Panopta will be the first to tell you if your infrastructure is down and provide you with tools to fix it.

What makes Panopta different? They offer three simple and unique areas that separate them from the rest of the market.

  • Deep and Wide Monitoring
  • No False Alerts
  • Intelligent Alerting

Deep and Wide Monitoring

Panopta gives you in-depth checks every 60 seconds from their global monitoring network, the Panopta Monitoring Agent and the Panopta Monitoring Appliance.

No False Alerts

Panopta guarantees no false alerts. No more chasing problems that aren't there.

Intelligent Alerting

Alerts are escalated to the right people at the right time, so you can rest assured that problems will be fixed as soon as possible.

Getting Started

Panopta offers four different plans, including:

  • $15/month for Solo
  • $50/month for Basic
  • $100/month for Intermediate
  • $250/month for Advanced

See all the details and sign up for Panopta's advanced server monitoring service now, via CloudFlare Apps.

Immediately, the first monitor will be set up for the home page of your site, with opportunity for detailed customization and additional monitors within the Panopta control panel. Try it now!